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Three different hairstyles that you can do when you're in a rush. We all have been in that position when we miss our alarm and you don't know what to do with our hair. These hairstyles are super quick, so it is perfect if you're in a rush and you just need something to do with your hair. 

First turn style--the classic ponytail

A ponytail never goes out of style, so this is the perfect quick hairstyle to do when you're in a rush. Do a couple of sprays of some dry shampoos so that your hair looks a little less greasy and has a little bit more volume in it.

clip in hair extensions

Play around with the placement and make sure you have enough volume at the top of your hair. Pull out any pieces that you want to frame your face. And to add volume at the top of your ponytail. Once you are happy with the placement, hide an elastic like you normally would and then lightly tug it out, so it's not too tight at the top of your head and then scrunched the ponytail to where you want for placement. Then to make this ponytail look a little bit more sleek, you can take a piece from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band, so that you don't see it. This gives such a classic look to a ponytail. It finishes it off and just makes it look complete. Once you've pinned it in place, just play around with the placement and you can put it higher or lower.

This ponytail is a great way to make your hair look very classic and put together when you're in a rush.

The next hairstyle is super fun and cute. 

What you want to do is to take the top section of your hair and play around with the placement Then take a hair elastic. Start to tie it as if you are doing a normal ponytail but what you're going to do is make a little hole right above the hair elastic. And you're going to flip your hair through it and what this does is just give a really feminine looking twist to your hair. If you have blonde hair or a lot of colors in your hair, this will really show it off well. Pull out the pieces just to make it look effortless and soft but you can go ahead and leave it tighter if you wish. 

Once you're happy with that part,you're going to take the remaining pieces of your hair and create another ponytail underneath it but on the last time you pull your hair through. You're gonna leave it into a half little bun and then you're gonna pull it down and do the same little twist through that you did on the top section and this creates another little twisted knot with the remaining pieces of your hair. Just tie it around the elastic, so it's hidden. Pull out any pieces around the twist to make it a little bit fuller and Messier. This look takes under 30 seconds and it looks like it took way longer. It looks so intricate and cool but it's really easy to achieve and trust me guys you're definitely going to get a comment on how cool your hair looks wherever you are!


Third and final look--Clip in Marat hair extensions

Section off the bottom part of your hair and take two of the three clip weft. Stock them right above each other so add a little bit more fullness and thickness to your hair. You can place them wherever you wish. 

After they're clipped in, take another section of hair and take two of these four clip weft and again just placing them right on top of each other for added thickness. 

Taking your curling wand and going over some pieces that needed to have a little life brought back into them. 

Then go out !!


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