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Hi guys today's blog is extremely fun because I am going to be debunking all of those hair extension myths that are out there. So this blog should be really helpful if you want to buy some hair extensions or you're in the market for a new pair of hair extension that you've had some bad experiences with some or you've heard some bad things about them. Hopefully this will clear the afraid for you if you have any setbacks about buying a new pair of extensions or your very first set of hair extensions. Let's get started!

human hair extensions

  • MYTH #1

One of the biggest myths with hair extensions is that it will leave your hair broken damaged and extremely thin but that is definitely not the case. My hair is so thick and healthy because these hair extensions are clip-ins they don't pull out your hair because you take them out at night and you only wear them when you really want to enhance the length and of your hair.


  • MYTH #2

hair extensions human hair

Another reason why people might be afraid of clip in hair extensions is that they think they'll be showing all the time. And I promise you they won't show if you clip them in properly so my advice is never clip them too close to the top of your head because they probably will show if a gust of wind comes your way or you're shaking your head. I tend to never go higher than my eyebrow I find you never see them when I clip them here if I clip them higher than they possibly could kind of pop through. But whenever I clip them here they are good as gold and they are hidden and you would never know I'm wearing hair extensions.


  • MYTH #3

clip in hair extensions

Some people may think that wearing all of this extra hair on your head could really weigh it down and give you headaches and really make your head kind of itchy. But it's all in how you apply your extension. The best way to apply that I've learned over the years is actually not clipping it right to your scalp, it's taking a piece of hair and clipping it a little bit down so that it's movable and it's holding onto the piece of hair rather than right on your head. I never get migraines this way my hair is a little bit more flexible with hairstyles and I'm able to move it in two different directions.


  • MYTH #4

Now this next one is quite common a lot of people think that hair extensions human hair just get really naughty and they're hard to deal with after a while. But with most hair extensions if you take care of them well then they honestly last for so long . I've had this set since March and they never cause problems in my hair just make sure to take care of your hair extensions there will be link down below on how you can maintain your extensions so that you can get the most possible wear out of them.


  • MYTH #5

hair extensions clip in human hair

Extensions are actually really great if you want to try out a different hair color if you have a darker hair color and you don't want to permanently dye your hair you can always put in an ombre set or a lighter hair color and blend it in and it looks like you have instant highlights or an ombre hair color. It's a great way to try out a different hair color without any permanent changes.


  • MYTH #6

human hair estensions

Now the main reason I have worn hair extensions for over a decade is because of the unlimited hairstyles you can do. Having extensions gives you so much variety for hairstyles like braids or voluminous curls or just any style that you've always wanted to try. It really gives you endless options and that's why I always wear mine because I love being creative with my hair.


I hope you guys liked today's blog and you found it useful don't forget to hashtag marathair if you have it set and you want to throw them up we would love to see your post!



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