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Today basically I'm gonna be showing you guys how to put the Marat hair extensions clip in human hair into thin hair. So if you got thin hair like me and you're wondering how to hide your extensions just keep reading.

I know there's a lot of extension brands on the market, but i saw Marat and they had like a wide variety of colors for blonde hair and even though i got my hair toned every month or so my color kind of stays the same so i just got my hair toned literally the other day so it might not be exactly exactly the same color so don't sue me but it is what it is.


These are great hair extensions, because they are 100 human hair. Curl them, straighten them, style them, however you want the hair won't dry burn.

There is dimension to the hair. Because my hair also has dimension, my hair might be a little bit darker right now and that's fine i got the 7 piece blend ones. Before i put them in,I always brush them out just in case they got any knots in the box or anything of the sort.

There's 1 four pieces, 2 three piece ,two two pieces and two one pieces. Total 7 pieces. Because i have thin hair, there is no way that i can put in all clips and be unseen like that's not how it works if you're at a salon and they're doing fusion extensions or they're doing their own tape ins it's a lot easier for them to hide it.


I find I'm not that good at it. But if you can't afford the fusions and the tape ends because it is expensive all the time then just go for the clip-ins because they honestly saved my life so basically. What you're gonna need is a little section clip and a hairbrush. so what I’m gonna do is to turn around, put my mirror in front of me and just kind of do it. So you're gonna start by brushing out your hair and if you can see at the top of my head you can honestly see my scalp i have such thin hair .

We're just gonna brush everything out again before we put it in. We don't want any knots and then we're kind of just gonna go in under the thinnest layer of hair so you're gonna section the bottom really really thin and you're gonna clip the last two pieces of the clip first before you secure the middle that's just what i do and that's just how it works so as you can see the sectioning is not even whatsoever but it's totally fine so then for the next layer you're going to section it so that you can still see the other layer kind of you basically want to just put them on top of each other as much as you can and I'm not saying to not try to get it even. Because mine looks like a bit of a zigzag but definitely if you can get it even that's great . i am not good at that so I'm gonna go in with my four piece clip again because i do have two of those and I'm just gonna put that one directly on top of the other four piece and just remember that by doing this by putting it directly kind of like on top of it you're eliminating the most space so it's better to clip them further down your head because at the top of your head is where your hair gets super thin so then we're going to let down the next layer and just kind of repeat the steps so now as you can see we're getting kind of more to the top of the head.

It's important to put as much hair on the bottom layers of your head as you can just to get the volume you want and then i kind of go in with the one pieces more at the top just so that they don't show. So now I'm just checking to see if everything I've done is good. Because sometimes you can get bumps in the hair if you clip it in too high,  basically that's all i do for the back of my head. Because my hair gets super thin up top then i start layering on the sides. I weirdly have more hair on one side of my head than the other, so i like to go in with another two-piece clip right kind of under my bangs just to give me more hair there. But you can definitely use a one piece . I'm going to take this clip and I'm kind of going to go in on an angle here because by going in on an angle. You are putting the back of the clip further down your head in the front of the clip to the top, so it kind of gives you layers in a way with the clip in hair extensions human hair that your natural hair wouldn't so this is the fun part. This is where you can kind of get creative with it. I like to take the one pieces at the end and kind of give myself layers almost in the front. I like to put one right above my ear which is what I'm gonna do now and i do like to put it again on a diagonal just to give me that extra dimension that extra volume. so I'm gonna go in with the one piece and that's what we're gonna do.

Going out day to day i wouldn't put this much in my hair but i wanted to show you guys how it could be done if you prefer more volume. Personally I just go for length because i have thin hair but you can definitely do as many clips as you want and don't worry that track is out i see it but it's going to be Hidden.

Again like i said this is going to be very freestyle you can put them wherever you want. I put one there and then later, realized that it didn't look good because you could see it, so you just want to play around with these pieces especially if you have bangs. So then i go through my hair with a brush just to kind of blend everything together. Sometimes I look in a mirror to see if you can see any tracks. When I turn around what it looks like as you can see there's no tracks out. I have about seven of the pieces in my hair as well.

I hope this tutorial was a little bit helpful for you. I know that having thin hair and having extensions can be a little tricky but that is what hats are for. I'm telling you that is my biggest secret if it's in the summer wear bucket hat if it's in the winter we're like a choke or if you feel confident as just go out who cares. I also find that freshly blow dried hair holds more volume so when i get out of the shower and i blow dry my hair that's usually when I'll put my clip in hair extensions in if I'm on like day three of like no washing I've been sleeping and my hair is pretty flat it's obviously easier for the extensions to show. keep that in mind and you can always try teasing or putting products in your hair that kind of give it that volume because i know with thin hair it's hard to have volume .

I hope these little tips and tricks helped you!

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